Saturday, November 28, 2015

#Skype4BRecap Episode 7 - Plantronics Headset Review, A S4B DHCPUtil Replacement, Mac Client & More

Happy Thanksgiving (belated)! The community has kept me on my toes this week. My tardiness in getting Episode 7 out on Friday was called out twice! As Mark Vale (@UnifiedVale) pointed out, Thanksgiving is no excuse! ;-) Good to be kept on your toes, and to know someone is watching!

I started this week's episode out by doing a review of the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC headset that I won at the Charlotte Lync Users Group raffle. Let me just say, the headset is AMAZING! If you want to know how amazing, check out the episode below, or listen to the audio-only version (link also below). I followed that up by calling out the Skype for Business DHCPUtil tool replacement that James Cussen announced he was working on on Twitter.

Next, I gave my two cents about the preview of information that we received last Friday about the upcoming Skype for Business Mac client (coming Summer of 2016). Finally, I briefly mentioned a few smaller items that I thought were interesting nuggets of gold shared on Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the week. Man, it was busy for a holiday week!

You can check out the video for the rest, but I will briefly touch on the preliminary pricing details that have been making their way through the grape vine:

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Stay techy, my friends!

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