About Get-CsJosh

What is Get-CsJosh supposed to mean, anyway?!

'Get-CsJosh' is a play on the PowerShell cmdlets for Lync and Skype for Business, "back in the day". Given that those products were the initial focus of this blog, I figured it was a clever (or cheesy) way to pay homage to the products, while throwing my own name in there for a personal touch.

The infamous Get-CsJosh

Ok then. What is the goal of this blog?

Great question! The blog started as a way for me to sort of document my own adventures in learning in the Microsoft UC space, and has grown to include various UC-related product overviews and other "How-To"-styled posts in the Microsoft UC space.

Most of my creative juices have shifted over to the https://youtube.com/GetCsJosh YouTube Channel, as I focus on video content, but that content will also be shared via this blog as well.

I appreciate each and every one of you for stopping by the website, and hope you found it helpful (or at least entertaining).

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