Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New eBook Annoucement: Skype for Business Hybrid Handbook

Good morning, everyone, and Happy December! Today is a big day, both for me, and for Skype for Business and Office 365. Today, Office 365 begins selling their brand new premium license: E5, making Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling Generally Available. On my side of things, I am launching a new, free, e-book titled, Skype for Business Hybrid Handbook!

I planned the launch of this book to fall closely in line with the arrival of E5 and Cloud PBX, as I feel that this new subscription option will really bolster the implementation of Hybrid models across many organizations. The fact that I finished in time to actually launch on the same day is just icing on the cake to me!

For now, this ebook is available exclusively in the Technet Gallery. It is 100% FREE, and will remain so, at least for this first edition. To download your own copy, whether for educational purposes or for a handy resource to guide you in your own Hybrid Skype for Business efforts, visit the Technet Gallery: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Skype-for-Business-Hybrid-9218205e.

As with all my community contributions, I am one of the most open individuals to thoughts and feedback that there is. So, with that in mind, I would GREATLY appreciate your thoughts. Accolades, constructive criticism, and outright sarcasm are all welcome!

For a preview of the structure of the book, below are the included chapters and sub-sections:

Terminology Review.. 6
Chapter 1: Introduction to Skype for Business Environments. 7
     - Skype for Business Server 2015 (On-Premises)
     - Skype for Business Online. 9
Chapter 2: On-Premises vs. Online: Feature Comparison. 11
Chapter 3: Supported Hybrid Configurations and Available Features. 13
     - Exchange Server On-Premises Integration
     - Exchange Online Integration
     - SharePoint ServerOnPremises Integration
     - SharePoint Online Integration. 16
Chapter 4: Hybrid Prerequisites and Requirements. 18
     - Skype for Business Online Management with PowerShell 18
     - On-Prem Infrastructure Requirements. 19
     - Supported (Required) Topologies. 19
     - Federation in a Hybrid Environment. 20
     - DNS and Port Requirements. 20
Chapter 5: User Data, Features, and Policy Limitations. 21
     - Notes About User Data. 21
     - Notes About Policies. 21
Chapter 6: Configure Directory Synchronization with Azure AD Connect. 23
Chapter 7: Set Up Federation with Skype for Business Online Tenant. 33
     - GUI-Based: Set up Hybrid with Skype for Business Online Wizard. 33
     - PowerShell-Based: Configure Federation with the Management Shell 34
     - Federating with an Audio Conferencing Provider. 39
Chapter 8: Move Users from On-Prem to Skype for Business Online. 40
     - Pilot Users First. 42
     - Move Users in the Control Panel 42
     - Move Users in the Management Shell (PowerShell). 43
Chapter 9: User Management in a Hybrid Environment. 49
Chapter 10: Deploy Hybrid in a Multi-Forest Environment. 52
     - Forest Topology. 52
     - Forest Trusts. 54
     - Hybrid User Placement Considerations. 54
     - Notes on AD FS Configuration. 54
     - Notes on Azure Active Directory Connect. 57
Chapter 11: Configure Hybrid in Reverse: Online-to-On-Prem.. 60
Chapter 12: Cloud PBX with PSTN Connectivity via On-Premises Environment. 64
     - Feature Comparison. 64
     - Enabling a User for Cloud PBX with PSTN Connectivity. 65
     - Configure & Assign Voice Routing Policy. 65
     - Assign Licensing in Office 365. 66
     - Move the User to Skype for Business Online. 68
     - Enable for Enterprise Voice and Cloud PBX Voicemail

I hope you have a chance to download a copy for yourself, and more importantly, I hope it is useful in your pursuit of a Hybrid environment!

Stay techy, my friends!

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