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Microsoft Ignite 2018 Participation

Right below this paragraph is how to follow me and stay plugged in during Microsoft Ignite. WHY to follow me for Microsoft Ignite follows comes after that ;-)!

How to follow...

Twitter: @GetCsJosh

WHY to follow...

Here we are, less than a month away from Microsoft Ignite 2018, and all passes for Microsoft Ignite have been sold out for about a week now. This is going to be a BIG event! This will be my 3rd Ignite, but my excitement for this one is greater than it has been in years before. Why, you ask? What is the big deal with this year versus yester year[s]? Well read on to find out!

Community Reporter

This year, I have the distinct honor of being chosen to participate as one of the 10 Community Reporters for Microsoft Ignite! If you are not familiar with the Community Reporter role, it was created for Microsoft Ignite last year, with one Community Reporter (a Microsoft MVP or RD) from each major Microsoft product area. The Community Reporter brings the highlights of Ignite from a respective product area back to the relevant social communities by means of short video clips.

The following are some examples of the types of videos you would expect to see from the Community Reporters throughout the duration of Ignite:

  • Interviews of key speakers & Microsoft executives and Program Managers
  • Interviews of attendees on their experiences and thoughts on various components of the conference.
  • "Experience" and "tour" videos of key areas (i.e., the Expo Floor, the Keynote, etc)
  • Daily Recaps
You get the idea! Obviously, I will be reporting largely on the Microsoft UC/IC news (Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Office 365). I have some big shoes, to fill, though - the Community Reporter in this space last year was none other than industry legend, fellow MVP, and Microsoft Master, Tom Arbuthnot! Wish me luck (and tune in)!

I'm Speaking at Microsoft Ignite

This year, for the first time, I will actually be speaking at Microsoft Ignite, and could not be more excited for the opportunity! What am I speaking on, you ask? Microsoft Teams, of course! I have a 45-minute session entitled "Building a community-led tech conference using Microsoft Teams", and the Session Code is BRK2285.

Now that you know the session title and the code, you have no excuse not to add it to your schedule now! ;-) Also, if you are not able to make it to Ignite this year, I am told that EVERYTHING will be live-streamed, so be sure to tune it live to watch!

This session will dive into the various ways that myself and the rest of the #CommsvNext team designed and built every aspect of this conference completely from within Microsoft Teams. If all works out, I may even be able to have the rest of the team join me on stage to provide their insights! (fellow MVPs, Jonathan McKinney, Adam Ball, and Pat Richard).

#TeamsRecap - Microsoft Ignite 2018 Edition

It has become somewhat of a tradition at each Microsoft Ignite to have a special #Skype4BRecap / #TeamsRecap episode, co-hosted with fellow MVP, Matt Landis. This year will be no different - except that I may actually have access to record in a more professional setting: and actual production STUDIO! Be sure to keep up with me on Twitter (info above) for the release of this episode.

Matt and I will be going over any key news, and talking about that burning question on every Skype for Business Online customer's mind right now: Is it yet the right time to move to Microsoft Teams?

How to connect while at Microsoft Ignite?

If you are looking to connect with me at Microsoft Ignite, there are a couple key ways (though I can't promise a ton, because as it happens, my schedule is already looking a bit hectic...):

  1. Sessions! Obviously, I will be at BRK2285, speaking, and able to chat a bit afterwards. However, there is a good chance you will run into me at some of the key Microsoft Teams sessions, and a VERY good chance I will be at THE Skype for Business session.
  2. Sponsor Events/Parties. I typically try to make sure I make it to some of the multi-vendor parties (SfB & Teams-related vendors). While some of those details are still being sorted, I am already registered for the CDW Customer Appreciation Event on Wednesday night. If you are CDW customer, and are coming to Ignite, I look forward to seeing you there!
  3. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER (@GetCsJosh). Seriously, that is one of the best ways to know what I am up to at any given point during a Microsoft Ignite conference. I have a bit of a bad mad-Tweeting habit during these conferences...
See you there!

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