Thursday, October 6, 2016

UPDATED: Skype for Business Hybrid Handbook, Version 2.1

I have just published Version 2.1 of my FREE eBook on the TechNet Gallery, the Skype for Business Hybrid Handbook. This is a minor revision, with various updates and tweaks throughout the book. Most notably, though, are the updated Features Comparison sections for both Skype for Business Online Cloud PBX, and Exchange Integration.

If you have never grabbed your free copy of the earlier versions of this eBook, you just may find it to be one of the most comprehensive resources for your various Hybrid needs in the Skype for Business world. If you have downloaded a copy in the past, its time to get the most up-to-date version!

As always, feedback is key. Feel free to let me know what you think here, but also don't be shy about leaving a Rating on the TechNet Gallery site!

Stay Techy, My Friends!


  1. Hey man, thanks a ton for the handbook and for doing the Skype4BRecap show! One quick question for you..You mention that AD FS is required for SSO, are you sure that is true? I think it works with other SAML implementations as well. For example, I believe using Shibboleth as your IDP (which a ton of higher ed uses) works as well. It's hard to find documentation on it, but we do have it working with our Shibboleth IDP and we didn't have to do anything special to get it to work.

  2. Hello! Yes, you are correct, you can use other identity management solutions to achieve SSO, I just misspoke. What I was getting at, or really meant to highlight, was that you must use AD FS, or an appropriate IDS, to achieve SSO. In other words, SSO could not be achieved without an IDS, and the case of the average Microsoft shop, this is often AD FS. Good call-out, and thanks for the encouragement about the book and the show! Much appreciated!

  3. Thanks for a great book about Hybrid Skype. One thing I ’m missing and that I haven't been able to find in Microsofts documentation regarding hybrid Skype is the process of creating new users.

    After you setup the hybrid configuration and want to create a new user in Sfb Online. Do I need to create them on-prem first and then issue a move on that user? Or is it enough to assign the new user a license in Office 365 (sfb online)? Or does Skype has something similar to Enable-RemoteMailbox that you can use in hybrid Exchange?

    The new user has not been enabled for Skype on-prem. The user account is synced to Azure AD through AAD Connect. Do you have any knowledge to share about this?

    1. Hello Christoffer! Thank you for the kind words about the book, and glad it has been helpful in some way. As for your particular situation, you were spot on with your first question: you must first enable the user for Skype for Business in your on-prem environment. Once they are enabled on-prem, and you have a Skype for Business license assigned in Office 365, you can then move the user to Office 365 from On-Prem. Without doing this, your on-prem environment will not be aware that a Skype for Business user is enabled and homed in Office 365. I hope that helps and clarifies things a bit!


    2. Hello and thanks for your answer. It clarifies a lot and will be helpful when we deploy hybrid skype next year.