Friday, October 16, 2015

Official Launch of My Weekly Podcast: #Skype4BRecap

#Skype4BRecap Is Live! (Sort of "Live")

Hey everyone! So, in addition to keeping up with the blog, I am launching a weekly podcast, simply named: #Skype4BRecap! Since #Skype4B is the popular hashtag on Twitter for all-things-Skype-for-Business, I decided to build on that with a single word that nicely summed up the premise of the podcast. 

So what is the premise?

Simply put, I want to have a fairly quick show, about 15 minutes ideally, but no longer than 30, that re-hashes through all the news and announcements in the Skype for Business and Microsoft UC community from the previous week. There is a LOT of information to consume on Twitter and LinkedIn, so I thought condensing it into some of the biggest highlights would be useful for a lot of us busy techs that just want to keep "in the know" while trying to keep our heads above water at work.

At any rate, this is definitely a work in progress, and I want to move toward a "live" format once I get my bandwidth constraints figured out. If you have helpful suggestions about how I could make the show more interesting, engaging, and relevant, I would LOVE your feedback. Be as brutal as you want, too; getting to the point allows for the fastest progress! At any rate, here it is. Looking forward to your feedback!

Stay techy, my friends!

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