Tuesday, January 8, 2019

[How-To] Upgrade the Yealink CP960 Firmware to Microsoft Teams

As of today, January 8th, 2019, Yealink has released the new firmware for their much-anticipated Microsoft Teams devices. These devices were demo'd at Microsoft Ignite in September of 2018, with their Microsoft Teams interfaces, but the actual firmware release was delayed a bit. However, the wait is now over, and the following devices can now be upgraded to Microsoft Teams:

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For the CP960, the new firmware version is

For the T58A, the new firmware version is

For the T56A, the new firmware version is

This upgrade, as well as similar upcoming upgrades for other vendors that have upcoming Microsoft Teams devices, is very welcome, as it extends the familiarity of the Microsoft Teams meeting & calling experience to the physical devices that sit on our desks, or in conference rooms. This makes switching between a smartphone, a desktop, or a deskphone a very fluid experience for most end users.

For a complete video walk-through of where to obtain the firmware, and how to update the firmware on the devices, check out the below videos:

CP960 Conference Phone

T58A IP Phone

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